Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kursus asas tari kuda kepang

It's 11.50pm right now n i'm in a bus leaving for kulim. I'll b staying at Vee's friend 4 2night n he'll b sending Vee,Hafs n me 2 usm. I'm actually quite worry right now bcoz ukm has been badly criticised by many universities after winning d festival zapin makum despite using a song with voice which is considered cheating by those Us. Anyway, i wont b alone facing this as i hv hafs n vee wif me. Hm...i'm so sleepy right now so chow chin chow.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tough journey

This surely is a though journey. Upon arriving at a bus stop,i thnk it was at inti college taman melati, d driver n d ticket inspector shouted 'airport!' i thought it was my stop as d driver was looking at me while shouting. So i went down d bus just to know tat it wasnt my stop. I called kim 4 help. She guided me n told me 2 b calm. Few minutes later, a bus came. This time around i made sure it was d right 1. Had 2 pay 3.50, why is it more expensive than frm nilai 2 lcct? I dun undrstand. Do i learn my lesson? Obviously not.

Tired,wet n cheated

It's 8.40ao on i'm pissed off as i was cheated 4 d second time. Upon aarriving at d nilai station, i asked d ticket officer d way 2 d bus station. He told me 'jalan terus, turun bwh, belok kanan'. Me made a fool of me. D junction was not d 'bawah' as he told me. Its was d 1st junctn on my right. I believe i undrstand bm n english extremely well. I was doing as told n wat do i get 4 tat? I'm 2 naive...huh...

Salam Aidil Adha

It's Aidil Adha 2day, d day of sure sacrifices. I'm on my way back 2 kch. It's raining right now depicting my heart. I've had this feelings like forever but i still cant get use 2 it. I'll b having a journey of a new experience today,; going 2 d lcct alone. Right in d middle of typing this entrz, a taxi came. I thought, since i've not seen any bus n hardly any taxi either, i ended up taking it. D fucking taxi driver cheated me! He charged me rm10 frm outside ukm 2 d ktm station! Fuck him! Sial punya taxi driver! Sabr jak la.n he offered 2 bring me a lcct 4 rm70. Sial! U wont fool me tis time u ugly bitch.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Tgk twilight d pavilion. Best gler tp ending t'gntung. I'm expecting tat there would b a sequal of this movie. There are few unresolved conflicts which may then result in d making of d sequal. If u can live 4ever, what do u live 4?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Make up

Penari2 dah start make up. Suma tgh nervous. Harapn vry cerah utk top 5 tp x nak la over confdnt.


Hari p'tandingn. Calon best male n female dancer hv been choosen. Congrates 2 farina n hafis. Harap2 menang la.2 kak ina n vee, thanx 4 d motivatn. Harap2 sume ok jer.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Kelaparan arr. Cepat la wei.

Dinner at UPM

B4 d dinner, we had some pics taken. Evry1 is nervous, all d dancers, as well as d krew. Tlg, nervous!!??